Keyways Estate Home
37338 De Portola Road, Temecula 92592, USA
(Mountain view with 7 bedrooms / 4 baths. Sleeps up to 12-14 people)

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    Keyways Estate Home

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    Deluxe Kitchen

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    Family Dining Table

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    Entertainment Area With Pool Table

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    Queen size bedroom

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    Master Bedroom Bathroom

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    Futon With Fireplace in Master Bedroom

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    Estate View

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    Event Setting For Wedding

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  • Wedding Vineyard


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    Keyways Tasting Room

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    Wedding Event At Keyways Winery

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    Wedding Event At Keyways Winery

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    Horse Riding Activity In Vineyard And Winery

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    Wine Tasting Tour

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    Hot-Air Balloon Ride

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    Vineyard Landscape

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Year Purchased: 2011

About the owner:
Keyways Winery, founded in 1989 by Mr. Carl Key, was one of the original wineries that established Temecula Valley Wine Country. The entire estate was renovated inside and out, as well as re-landscaped by Deborah Daniel & Terri Delhamer, the former owner. The property now under new ownership & management reflects the warmth, charm and ambiance of an early California mission winery nestled in the vineyards, surrounded by picturesque mountains and expansive horse ranches. The Estate House has be transformed into a dream rental with 7 rooms & large windows overlooking the Estate Vineyards.

Why the Owner Chose Temecula:
A few years ago when going to Fallbrook to view a property, we got lost and then met a local realtor who brought us to Temecula Wine Country and thus made us fall in love with a beautiful place called Temecula wine country; the adventure turned out to be a destination called 'Keyways Vineyard and Winery' years later. This great property not only offers charming and romantic ambiance to visitors, great wine tasting experience to wine lovers, but also memorable lodging opportunity for those who wants to enjoy a few days or weeks of winery and vineyard living . This particular vineyard estate house was also in a Hollywood Movie called ' A weekend in the country' . Now we are more than happy to share this nature's beauty with you and more people.

The Unique Benefits at this Estate:
When staying at Keyways Vineyard & Winery Estate you get to experience a luxury like no other. The home is located on the vineyard property and allows guest to explore the premises as they wish. Taste the delicious varietals in the Spring and Summer time! Experience the harvest celebration in month of August and September; Enjoy holidays vineyard Light in winter season!

Contact us

  • Primary: 951-302-7888
  • Secondary: 626-246-8969
  • Tertiary: 626-799-1388
  • Fax: 951-302-8332